Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Golden Era Gospel with a side of Funk and Beans

I am pleased to announce that the Golden Era Gospel Blog has started a partnership with a new blog, "Funk & Beans: A Blog With Grand Delusions of Grandeur." Funk & Beans is a social commentary blog run by Jaime Puente, a classmate of mine from my undergrad studies at University of Houston-Downtown who's the "Beans" of the operation, and his friend, PhD student and Lone Star College System professor, Rhonda Ragsdale, on the "Funk" side. Funk & Beans presents social and cultural commentary on books, film, music and other media from all over the spectrum. Since they're covering a wide array of topics, I've been asked to be a guest blogger. So, keep an eye on Funk and Beans for some Golden Era goodness, and check out Funk & Beans for all that it offers.
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