Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Music, Golden Era style

By: Joseph Middleton

A fellow gospel music historian lamented about the homogeneity among radio stations today when it comes to chosing Christmas songs. As he put it, "If I hear "Grandma got run over.." one more time, I'm going to run over grandpa". Unfortunately, it sounds like grandpa will have to brace for impact!

Many of you are probably looking to alternatives to the Christmas songs being played over and over all month long. "Silent Night" by the Temptations is wonderful, but you grow tired of it after hearing it for the 3,693rd time! So, here are a few Golden Era Gospel Christmas Songs and albums to add to your listening rotation this season. I've provided links to songs and albums that are readily available for purchase. Some of these songs may be hard to find, but if you find them, you'll be pleased, no doubt.

1. "Behold That Star" by The Patterson Singers

2. "Away In a Manger" by The Galatians Singers

3. Album: Merry Christmas by James Cleveland and the Angelic Choir
Here's "Oh What a Pretty Little Baby" from that album.

4. Album: Christmas with the Famous Ward Singers.
Here's "Prince of Peace" from that album.

5. "The First Noel" by The Davis Sisters

6. "Christmas in Heaven" by Claude Jeter

7. "God Rest Ye Weary Gentlemen" by The Caravans

8. "Go Tell It on the Mountain" by The Swan Silvertones
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