Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Atlanta Post Interviews Dr. Portia Maultsby

For Black History Month, the Atlanta Post has interviewed Dr. Portia Maultsby, Professor of Folklore and Ethnomusicology and Director of the Archives of African American Music and Culture at Indiana University Bloomington. When one discusses gospel music historians, Dr. Maultsby is among many of the names to be mentioned alongside Boyer, Mason, Heilbut, Marovich and Darden (perhaps one day, Middleton will be added to that list ;-)).

Like many of the others listed above, Dr. Maultsby's experience transcends gospel music, covering hip hop, rap, jazz, the blues, and any other genre classified as "black music."

You can read the interview with Dr. Maultsby at the following link:

Behind the Research: Ethnomusicologist Discusses The Legacy and Commodification of Black Music
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