Friday, July 9, 2010

Breaking News: Legendary Golden Era group, The Caravans, set to release new CD in 2010

By: Joseph Middleton

Since 1952 (or 1949 if you want to count their days as Robert Anderson's backing ensemble), The Caravans have become one of the legendary female gospel groups of all time. While other female groups from The Golden Era such as The Davis Sisters or The Clara Ward Singers no longer exist, or simply exist without any original founding members still singing with the group, The Caravans are still going strong with an original founding member and are recording today with essentially the same lineup from 1958-59, give or take a few members. That's a rarity in both secular and gospel genres.

According to Albertina Walker's brand new website,, The Caravans are set to release a 10 track CD later this year titled "My Soul Says Yes".Those of you familiar with that title may remember the song, written by Cassietta George and led by Josephine Howard from their 1965 Vee-Jay album, "The Caravans in Concert", or its 1969 re-release on Buddah Records.

I'll keep you posted as I get more information. You can read the blurb about the new CD here:
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