Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The late Dr. Horace Clarence Boyer to be honored in Orlando, FL on November 1, 2009

The late Dr. Horace Clarence Boyer, golden era gospel music recording artist, composer, arranger, and one of black gospel's most well known historians and steadfast supporters will be honored on Sunday, November 1, 2009 at Cathedral Church of St. Luke in Orlando, Florida at 4PM. The Central Florida Diocesan Choir will sing songs that were arranged, performed, and composed by Dr. Boyer. More information about this event honoring Dr. Boyer's life and legacy, please see this article at the Orlando Sentinel's website.
Gospel music's Horace Boyer honored on Sunday

Friday, October 2, 2009

The Golden Era Gospel Blog Interviews a Gospel Legend: Ms. Julia Mae Price-Williams

By: Joseph Middleton

Julia Mae Price-Williams is a living legend. Ms. Price-Williams has sung with legendary groups, including The Davis Sisters and The Caravans. You can hear her voice on songs with The Caravans such as "Carry Me Home" and "Jesus Will Fix It." Today, she sings with the Johnny Thompson Singers of Philadelphia and regularly tours overseas in Europe. The Golden Era Gospel Blog was blessed when the opportunity arose to interview Ms. Price-Williams.

When did your gospel singing career first begin?

Julia Mae Price-Williams:I began singing at the age of 3 at Second Baptist Church, where my father,The Late Rev. Julian Price, was the founding Pastor.

Did you have any influences on your singing style, such as other gospel artists?

Price-Williams:I loved the style of Albertina Walker, she's my idol.

You're best known for your days with The Caravans. I've heard those recordings from the late 60s in which you, along with Albertina Walker and Loleatta Holloway tear songs to shreds, especially "Carry Me Home" and "Jesus Will Fix It". How did you end up singing with them?

Price-Williams:Albertina heard me singing on a program in Baltimore, my home town. She later contacted me, I had previously sung with The Davis Sisters.

Price-Williams during her days with The Caravans.

I know while with The Caravans and The Davis Sisters, you met and sang with people whom we now consider icons today, such as Ruth Davis, Jackie Verdell, Imogene Greene, James Cleveland, Dorothy Norwood, Albertina Walker, Cassietta George and Inez Andrews. I know you're a gospel legend yourself, but how did it feel to work with those other legends?

Price-Williams: Working with The Gospel legends, was a learning tool for me.

Do you still keep in contact with any of the remaining members who sang with The Caravans?

Price-Williams: Yes,I still keep in contact with some of the girls. I last saw them in August 2008 in Chicago. I was a guest artist on the Albertina Walker Scholarship Program that she has annually.

Have you participated in any of the recent reunion concerts with Albertina, Inez, Dorothy and Delores?

Price-Williams:I have not participated in any of the concerts, due to my traveling with The Johnny Thompson Singers of Philadelphia.

What have you been up to since you left The Caravans?

Price-Williams:I keep busy as much as possible. I do concerts, I travel, and do other church work.

Do you have any plans to release any new recordings?

.I would love to record, but the opportunity has not presented itself.

What's your opinion about modern day gospel music?

Price-Williams:I love the modern day music, and I can sing some of it, but as you know, my forte is old school Gospel.

Finally, I know that you're active on YouTube and Facebook, and you've seen firsthand, the interest that the younger generations have in you and the music from the Golden Era. What do you think about that?

Price-Williams:I am really elated that the younger generation likes my music. I'm really young at heart myself. Thank you for the interest in me. God bless you in all your endeavors.

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