Saturday, July 10, 2010

Review: Gospel Classics by Goldenlane Records

By: Joseph Middleton

If you are looking for a CD of vintage gospel goodies to add to your gospel music collection, look no further than Gospel Classics by Goldenlane Records. Gospel Classics was released earlier this year and proves itself to be a worthy addition to any gospel music collection, for gospel experts and beginners alike.

The CD contains 44 tracks by a variety of artists. Track 1 starts with the Late Bishop Samuel Kelsey leading "I'm a Soldier" while an enthusiastic congregation and instrumentation (including brass instrumentation!) backs Bishop Kelsey.

Further on down the line, we have a rendition of "By and By" by The Davis Sisters. As far as I know, there were three renditions of this song recorded by The Davis Sisters, one led by Imogene Greene alone, one led by Imogene and Ruth Davis and one led by Jackie Verdell and Ruth. The rendition on this CD features Imogene and Ruth and sounds like a mixture between the original Gotham released recording with Imogene and Ruth, and the later Savoy recording with Jackie and Ruth. It's a pew flipper, that's for sure!

If you like duets, you won't be disappointed with the duet featuring Brother Joe May and Sister Wynona Carr singing "I See Jesus". It's a bouncy little number featuring the classic golden era trio of instrumentation, a piano, an organ and drums. Of course, the real star instruments are the pipes on Brother Joe and Sister Wynona.

Other old favorites on this CD include "Didn't It Rain" by Sister Rosetta Tharpe & Marie Knight, "Touch Me Lord Jesus" by the Angelic Gospel Singers in a rendition that I've never heard before (I would guess that it's possibly the original 1947 version sans the drums that were added to the recording in the 1960s), "Let's Talk About Jesus" by the Bells of Joy from Austin, TX, "Surely God Is Able" by The Clara Ward Singers, "Where Can I Go" by The Roberta Martin Singers led by Myrtle Scott & Roberta Martin herself, and "Let Us Run" by The Caravans and led by Bessie Griffin.

There are also some preachers and congregations on this CD such as Rev. Gatemouth Moore, Rev. C.C. Chapman, and the St. Paul Baptist Church of Los Angeles singing "God Be With You" led by Prof. James Earle Hines.

To sum it up, I believe this CD is a good buy. If you're looking to purchase it, it looks like your best bet is iTunes, where you can get the CD for $9.99. While it didn't contain all of the artists I was looking for, I am greatly satisfied with Gospel Classics.

I have to give Gospel Classics 4.5 well deserved out of 5 stars. Kudos to Goldenlane Records for putting out a fine product that Golden Era Gospel lovers will truly appreciate!
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