Friday, September 10, 2010

Aretha Franklin wants Denzel Washington and LaShun Pace to portray the roles of Golden Era Gospel figures in her upcoming biopic

Bridget Bland of AOL Blackvoices Entertainment Newswire reports that Aretha Franklin has asked Denzel Washington and LaShun Pace, among others, to have roles in her upcoming biopic. Denzel would play the role of her father, Rev. Clarence LaVaughn "C.L." Franklin, while LaShun would play the role of one of the Clara Ward Singers (my educated guess is LaShun will play Marion Williams).

You may remember my blog entry from April when it was announced that Karen Clark Sheard would play the role of Kitty Parham of the Ward Singers. Hmm..., that's 2 down, more to go. If she plans to have other Ward Singers in her film, I wonder, who will Aretha ask to play Clara, Willa, Frances, Henrietta, and Mama Gert (complete with the black wig with the white stripe going down the middle!)? It's also well known that Aretha was good friends with James Cleveland, I wonder who she will ask to play his role?

You can read the article in its entirety here:

Feel free to speculate who you think will be picked for further Golden Era Gospel roles in the movie, and/or tell who you would pick for those roles in the comments section. I'll start it off, I think Alicia Keys would be good as Roberta Martin since she can play and sing.

And umm... if Ms. Franklin or anyone connected to the project is reading this, please let it be known that I'll take a role as one of the Roberta Martin Singers in the film. I can be Willie Webb, Norsalus McKissick, OR Eugene Smith, your choice. Ha!
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